Irina Vachkova and Ivaylo Ivanov chose the name Thermocouple for their atelier in the outskirts of the small town of Apriltsi, because it reflects their passions for ceramics and the intensity of their relationship. Together, they make clay works that go beyond practicality and aesthetics, and turn into pure art.

A thermocouple is an instrument that consists of two wires of different types of metal that measure the temperature in kilns where clay pots are baked. Irina Vachkova and Ivaylo Ivanov chose this name for their studio on the outskirts of Apriltsi because it reflects their passion for ceramics and the intensity of their relationship. Against the backdrop of the vast balcony, the two artists transform clay into forms, reminding of their love for nature and pure self-expression.

In a region known for its traditional Bulgarian ceramics, Irina and Ivaylo have chosen to create avant-garde pieces, embodying the spirit of the place where they work and thus, rediscover its meaning. Many of their ceramics literally bear the imprints of local plants and found objects.

The connection between the two artists fuels their creative energy. The objects created by the thermocouple sometimes have a utilitarian function, but their central purpose is to become objects that have value beyond the practical application. Irina and Ivaylo make art that exists primarily for its own sake - an expression of the freedom to give form to pure spirit.